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Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, February 21, 2014

hi me again ;)

lama baru nak post something kan.hikhik....kemalasan sebenarnya untuk menaip. but today i nak share something....sebelum ni dengan checklist perkahwinan, then baby, sekarang ni checklist for housing pulak...

yes, i will have my own house...alhamdulillah. tapi mcm biasa bagi penjawat awam ni, mmg sengkek sikit la klu nak rumah yg selesa. but ape2 pun, cukup untuk kami anak beranak makan. tambahan pula ad org kedua coming this july....fuhhhhh

so here we go my checklist for house renovation:

1. ruang dapur basah
2. ruang dapur kering
3. ruang dobi
4. ruang master bedroom
5. ruang kerja
6. ruang lain bilik anak
7. ruang makan
8. ruang tamu
9. landskap + ruang luar rumah
10. ruang bilik tamu

ade ruang lain lagi? and every ruang ni ade la budget2 die sendiri which is i will update later by ruang. for now rasenye yg cukup pun. rumah pun x la besar sgt. but this 10 ruang must have.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


31st October 2012 was the EDD for my boy to come out to the outside world and 31st October 2012 01:56am a healthy baby boy was delivered safely at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PPUKM) with 2.95kg of weight.

He is the one of 5% of delivered baby with the EDD. i am glad. so sharp :)

And now a year later he is still a healthy young baby boy. although he is not yet to be walking but he is learning. that's a challenge to mom n dad to teach you how to walk. i can just imagine that all the stuff in our home need to pull upside where you can't reach....

i am so glad that the 1st year is over but there will a years ahead for you to know the world and for us to face and to teach how to live and become a soleh, healthy and smart young man.

happy birthday to my dear son, Izz Amir Sofwan bin Ismail. mummy sorry that mummy cannot afford for now to celebrate your 1st birthday but mummy promise that mummy will celebrate when the times come (which is my payment is paid heheheh). but don't worry, my pray is always with you....stay young, stay happy, and stay smart :) may Allah protect you from all the darkness, evilness and sickness...amin

Thursday, September 26, 2013

my worst day ever!

lama tak update kat blog kan? sperti biasa alasan is malas and nothing much to story. mr izz pun since he is growing up alhamdulillah sihat sahaja.

actually this is my second night i cannot sleep...tido kejap but suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. cume last night i continue in my bed until otak ni penat kot, tertido sendiri but still bangun paginye a little bit early then usual. and tonight i decided to wake up, freshing up a little bit, and stay up in front of my laptop writing this blog.....derrrrrrrr...tomorrow? i dunno...and suddenly i feel hungry....warghhhhhhh

actually i feel a little bit frustrated because of my is not by accident but it is my husband and my dad's decision! why, because of my chicken pox!!! why do i have my chicken pox while i am in my early pregnant???? Tuhan nak menguji hambanya dengan pelbagai cara kan? and this is my ujian...either this decision the the right one or not i hope i won't make the big dosa.

there is no life yet in my womb and the doc (o&g specialist) suggest to not take the risk of having this child. the child could be imperfect or if he is perfect physically, he will be imperfect internally and probably his nerve or his brain or anything that can be happen while his mother (me) having a chicken pox in early pregnancy. but that is opinion from the non government klinik (i refer to klinik penawar at kuala perlis and also ins specialist centre at alor setar). in other hand, in the government hospital, they are not suggesting anything accept to take the paracetamol and calamine lotion. some doctor suggest to take an antiviral but that depend of my condition but in my case there is no need of antiviral. 2 doctors of government hospital won't suggest anything but in my 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, they will refer my case to the specialist for detail scan of the baby....well, if anything happen to the baby then we don't have a choice but to accept him as he is right? 18 weeks is already a complete fetus  with a life in it. i wonder if it is a girl or boy. but my gut tells me it is a girl. a girl with imperfect of something? i won't even think of it. but what if this baby is our life saver? our rezeki? our everything? then wouldn't it be miserable not having her around? just thinking of it make my brain spinning like crazy i want  to sleep!

and what if the doc don't really clean up my womb properly? then i will be in trouble! arghhhh i dunno what else to say or to think or whatever....i just hope i can be pregnant again asap to clean up my mind about this miscarriage. and i don't even hold and hug my son for a week now!!!!! because of my chicken pox.....arghhhhhhh

i hate when i have to face this kind of situation! hope this will be the last of my miscarriage....and hope my future pregnancy will be as healthy as my first pregnancy of mr izz. amin. may Allah bless my family and shower us with a lot of His blessing.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

check list ~pindah rumah~


hahaha…klu hubby bace post kali ni sure gelak sakan Smile ape taknye, rumah pun tak siap lagi baru naik tiang da berangan nak pindah rumah hahahaha…..well, berangan itu penting so that it will make that our target.

alkesahnye bermula dari pencarian design almari untuk izz, then terjumpe this blog yang menceritakan kisah die pindah and how she kemas all sort of her things, her husband’s and her son’s (especially la kan). suddenly wow! I like Smile and probably will make her blog a fav to do mine later…prob next year or prob next 2 years, walauapapun the idea is there. so, most of her things uses ikea punye product, why? because she said that product ikea is stalish yet organized walaupun dari segi tahan lamanye tak seberapa but if we take good care of them, they will long lasting. agreed! ni yang nak ajak hubby p jenguk ikea Smile and if possible to buy some of ikea’s product to bring home. ngeh3x

okey, here is the check list of our new home:

1. kitchen

2. dobby room

3. working room

4. izz’s partition (since his room gonna be the same as ours)

5. our’s partition

6. dressing room n ironing partition

7. toilet / shower room

ohhhh, tak sabarnye untuk mengemas…erkkkkkkk n tak suke mengemas if barang tak cukup. oleh sebab itu need to saving more and more strating when I get my first salary….yeahhhhh cayok!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

An extremely possible week!


hahaha, tak boleh blah tajuk Smile 


al kisah when supposely kami ade high voltage presentation thursday ago in the afternoon right after our test 2. yes…our mini project presentation: with including:

1. montage

2. full report

3. fila table for 4 weeks

5. 4 minute meetings

6. an a3 poster

7. a seminar paper (ieee format)

8. the insulator prototype and testing


huh…mcm la this sem nie we only doing high voltage je…Sad smile. then I got assignment 2 presentation for bisensor (another taken subject)….

1. 15 example of case studies in a proceeding paper or journal

2. slide presentation for each of the example study

4. hardcopy n emailing the softcopy



mmg mula2 rase tak bernafas mengenangkan yg draft thesis pun x siap lagi Sad smile Sad smileSad smileSad smile but apekan daya perlu jugak tempuh since I don’t want to extend. kecian kat anak berjauhan dgn abahnye, kesian jugak kat suami berjauhan dengan anak…the most importantly, kesian kat diri sendiri coz terabai seketika tanggungjawab sebagai isteri Sad smile alhamdulillah en suami berkorban sementara waktu…

lagi menambahkan serba salah ni is bile a friend suddenly called told that en suami mengalami xcident! seb bek tak pandu kete time tu….alhamdulillah, x teruk sgt cume patah bahu kanan, pergelangan tangan dan juga sedikit luka di kaki…taruk lagi time aku dulu kot …..

hati meronta2 nak balik but byk lagi keje tak siap…and if balik, mmg kene bambu la ngan lect and totally akan dpt markah rendah which is cpa nnt below 3…da la cpa aku pun cukup2 makan je ni. so almost everyday we contact thru skype buat video call….thanks to MIL and FIL, they are near so en suami bercuti di kampung…semoga sembuh dengan cepat yea en suami.amin

to have a title as a student as well as a wife and a mother is much tougher than I thought. million of thanks dedicated to my lovely husband for his million of support. love you so much!!!!! the appreciation also goes to my FIL and MIL for taking care of him while I am away….and my parents for taking their time to stay with me in taking care of my son. without them, I couldn’t imaging of having this master degree. hopefully, I am doing well with this master degree project as well as my other two subject. amin

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Windows Live Writer


If my writing now is published later, then my account in windows live writer is successful Smile….bertahun try using this account tapi hampa huhu…tak tau kenapa. and thank you to kak ernie coz introduce this method 2 years ago hikhikhik

2013-04-17 15.30.52

love this pic of izz Red heartRed heartRed heart