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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Benar-Benar by Adam AF

Sayang, ku benar-benar cinta…
Semalaman ku tak kering mata
Didukung kekabu melapik pilu
Mengharap esok bisa menjanjikan sebuah lembaran baru

Sejak kita berdua berpisah
Aku tak habis-habis gelisah
Apakah itu tandanya bahawa…

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Tak terjawab bila hati bertanya ke mana kau hilang

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Suluhkan gelita kalbuku terang

Semalaman lagi bersendiri
Parahnya diseksa sunyi sepi
Beginikah perasaan pabila kita disisih cinta

Ku sangka ku tabah berdikari
Rupanya rapuh untuk berdiri
Kembalilah kau kepada ku kerana…

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Tak terjawab bila hati bertanya ke mana kau hilang

Ku benar-benar cinta
Ku benar-benar sayang
Suluhkan gelita kalbuku terang

Saturday, September 26, 2009

weddings day.....26 september 2009

260909.....5 majlis serentak rakan2 aku. 1 di Perlis, 2 di Kedah (termasuk 1 majlis pertunangan) plus 2 di terengganu. pergh.....hak yang kt ganu tue, kem salam la. kedua2 adalah majlis menyambut menantu (majlis perkahwinan hafizuddin dan hamidi). jauh sgt la nak p, 28th dh stat keje...keje3x

1st is the engangement ceremony at musdalillah's house...her fiance is aziz, my senior (her senior also). cute, simple, yang penting makanan sodap!!!!!! kawen jemput...hehehe

2nd event was faizi's wedding (actually sambut menantu). congratulation faizi and wife.....semoga kekal hingga akhir hayat...

3rd was wan&kiela's wedding at perlis. this couple.......both are fwen of mine. came late because of both events above mention but still a lot of pictures taken. pelamin lawa, live flowers (kidnapped 3 kuntum...hehehe), 3 layers!!!!! byk belanja nie....gilak la...congaratulation kak kiela and tn, azuan....may Allah bless both of u dan semoga kekal hingga ke syurga.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taman Monumen, Terengganu

my family potrait......from left me, fadhil, ayah, nek wan, lia, atuk, aiman, mama and my elder sis.this year eid was in johor, my father's kampung.

like always, went there at 1st of raya until 3rd. mmg tak dok diam kt umah...berjalan jerk keje. sampi KL from Kangar 14hb 10pm, rehat 1 day at nothing and

on 15hb then 16hb until 19hb dok berjalan shopping raya with my eldest sister, shop till u drop!!!!!
17hb went for buka puasa+jalan2 kt jln TAR with fwens (smpi umah jam 0100. giler la...hehehehe),
20hb went kampung at johor using karak highway,
21hb went to beraya rumah sedara,
22hb went to beraya di Terengganu,
23hb went to Taman Monumen,
24hb servis kete (cian kelisa tinggal lama),
25hb going back to Kangar (28hb kerja maaaaa),
26hb berjalan lagi kenduri azuan&kiela and faizi and engangement musdalillah. plan yet but rasenye need to go to office still a lot of work not done yet.
penat beb raye nie, raye dlm kete..hahahahaha.

3rd of raya went to Terengganu, my sister's house. dah alang2 ke Terengganu, kami ke Taman Monumen pada 4th of raya. nothing much to story just a little bit of monumen of masjid around the world.

the fee is RM10/pax for Malaysia citizen or MyCard holder and u will get a passport.
these masjids is a monumen only r.........

Kudus Minar, Indonesia. The architectural design is a mixed of Hindu and Java with the minaret as the most outstanding feature made from rocks (batu2 gunung berapi)! The characteristic of the minaret is influenced by Hindu temple

Pattani Mosque, Thailand. This mosque was built in 1954 during the military rule of Field Marshal Sarit. It took the military government 9 years to complete the construction. It is situated in Muang Region, Pattani by the main road of Yarang and Pattani. It is the biggest and most beautiful mosque in Thailand and the main centre for muslims in Thailand.

Sultan Omar Ali Mosque, Brunei. The mosque was built in 1958 A.D near Brunei River. It was named after the 28th Sultan of Brunei. The best building materials were used e.g marble from Italy, granite from China and chandeliers and glasses from England. It is one of the most beautiful mosque in the world

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan. The mosque can accommodate up to 65 000 worshippers at one time.

Dome of the Rosk, Palestein. It was built in 602 A.D in Haram Al-Sharif. It was a dome for the lagendary 'floating rock' that was said wanted to follow our beloved prophet to the sky. the history begin when the night of israk and mikhraj.

Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq. Samarra holds the tomb of two imams, the 10th, Ali al-Hadi and the 11th, Hassan al-Askari. They are placed in the same sanctuary. In addition to the two imams, there two other tombs of prominent female Muslims.

Lutfallah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran. This mosque was built in 1602 A.D during Safavid Dynasty. Thename was taken from a famous Muslim scholar Sheikh LutfallahMaisi Al-Amili.

Abu Nasr Parsa, Afghanistan. It was built to commemorate the good deeds of chief and Islam guru Khwaja Abu Nasr Pasra of Herat, Afghanistan.

Masjidil Haram, Mecca, Saudi.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India. It was a mausoleum built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, in 1631 illustrating his love to his wife.

Aleppo Citadel, Syria. The Aleppo Citadel is a fortress built by muslims on a hill in Syria which goes back to the 10th century B.C. Mosque of Abraham was built here too. It became a citadel under the Seleucids.

Suleyman Mosque, Turkey. The name was given in recognition to the Emperor Sultan Suleyman, the King of Turkey from 1520 A.D to 1566 A.D.

Agadez Mosque, Niger. The mosque was built from wood and sluth as all traditional buildings in Centre Africa.

Kul Sharif Mosque, Kazan, Russia. It was build on 1996 setelah jatuh Empayar Soviet.

Kalyan Minaret, Uzbekistan. The tower was used as lighthouse and reconnaisance tower. It was built by Arslan Khan on 1127 A.D.

Xian Mosque, Xian, China. It was founded by Laksamana Haji Cheng Ho, our great muslim naval admiral.
well, end of journey. after that lunch, took a jamak and went home to KL. almost 8 hours journey by car in the heavy rain between Kemaman and Karak Highway.....
these masjid were build as a monumen and most of the descriptions were paste from the taman monumen website :

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hi!!!! first of all Happy Eid Mubarak to all of u. hoping that this Mubarak will give a lot of love from people around u.give and take, that's the nature of long relationship.2 weeks of holiday next week will start a new day for a new coming study mode for my students.hope all of u will study hard for this coming examination. new fav colour. why? don't ask. also dunno. evrywhere i go, red is just beautiful as...mmmmmm. my car is red, my phone (u know, my new one replacing the missing one), my t-shirts, my bj kurung, my sis's netbook...hahahahaha. and now i'm starting to like THE RED DEVIL aka MANCHESTER UNITED. because of red....mmmm?????
still LIVERPOOL:u'll never walk still at the top of the list....hehehehehe

Saturday, September 19, 2009


arrive from Kangar on 14 September 2009 at 10pm......hehehehe.anyway, the journey yesterday was ok since i've been driving from Kangar to JB last Jun. so, it's ok + a little bit boring + a little bit karaoke in the car + a little bit gossipping (ooopppss!!!!). hehehehehe

Wah....another day to go! to all muslims out there, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN. hope this coming raya will give a thousand memory to all of u and people around u.

some pantuns for all of u:

Baju Melayu Kurung Bersulam, Amat Serasi Di Hari Raya, Bukan Sekadar Bersalam-salaman, Salam Memohon Di Hapus Dosa.

Bayan Berlalu Merentas Rimba, Pohon Nipah Buahnya Lebat, Ramadhan Berlalu Syawal Pun Tiba, Mohon DiLimpah Segala Berkat.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Telefon bimbitku!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!! again my handphone lost for 6288....i love that handphone. got this phone for rm530=3G+1G memory card+bluetooth+IR. really miss this phone.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
now...i already pokai coz beli a new phone. supernova 7610 nokia. dah la mmg pokai coz first time raye bergaji kan...duit raye+bj raye+family+cousin. mmmmmm........mmg kering la this month. so, after raye going back to Kangar, no lunch...hahahahah. just cereal bought last time (tak habis lagi hehehe) and cook for dinner...jadi la suri rumah
why i bought that phone? i dunno...i blame the sells girl...hahahha, jahatnye aku. that supernova, suddenly cannot call out....sume boleh, sms in and out, call in accept call out. lawa mmg lawa but hampeh...GERAMMMMMM!!!! malasnye want to go back to pertama complex but klu tak p langsung takleh nak call pulak, masalah tul....moral of the story, do not buy phone there. tgk tempat la...cmne? i dunno. yang i tau for nokia the illegal distributor is zitron and one of their gerai is at KLCC.
still i want back this phone so, i'll update my wishlist....hahaha
last night going to jalan TAR for shopping raye....not so shopping la just searched for brooch for myself and my mom's. jalan2 window shopping...gilak la. too many people, almost midnight but still a lot of people buying and selling. duit pun almost gone L'oreal sales last time. mmg tak hengat. pastu balik Kangar tarak duit....

L'oreal Warehouse Sales

hahahaha.....on 16 September 2009 L'oreal made their warehouse sales at Corus Hotel Jalan Ampang. up to 70%.....gilak la. totally insane. good for L'oreal distributor la because they can buy L'oreal product for a very cheap price and then sell with a standard price....manyak untung ooooo.
this is first time went there (for the sales). so many people queue up although the time isn't reach 11am (the sales open on 11am). so am i la..hehehehehe. just went there for looking only, tup2 i buy one by one the skin care product such as facial wash 1 set, eye liner, lipstick, foundation, mascara, blusher etc....bile nak pakai? dunno...just bought them fo rthe future use..hahahahah. giler murah!!!!!!!!!! sgt murah!!!!!!!!!

me and my mom...the one who took the picture is my sister.....cmni la if the women conquer the family. hehehehhe.....

see the crowded?????....this is one quater of the pic. mmg gilak.... total???? don't ask...yang pasti i will get here (the L'oreal warehouse sales) next year. muahahahahahaha

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pertandingan nasyid antara jabatan.....

today's unimap activities sempena Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. almost all departments participate in this nasyid competition. start at 0830 and end at 1400. since a lot of work not done yet, i just went there at 1030 until 1200. alhamdulillah still manage to see my friends singing and also my housemate, kak tina.

from left kak bib, me, kak aja and kak diyana (she's the one who participate....hehehehe)

the pic on the right was taken beforw i went to the dewan kapitol fo rthe nasyid competition. last day at office before raya holiday. the gossiping girls....muahahahahahaha......takde la, they all a very dedicated plv there is...cewah!!!!! serious, they are.......hehehehe
owh..good news, kak bib just announced that she's pregnant....congratulations!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Berbuka bersama skod

Assalammualaikum......semalam tanggal 12 September 2009 sekali Batch 015 melakarkan sejarah. Berbuka puasa bersama tapi dlm 3 versi. Zon Tengah (Subang), Zon Utara (Jitra) dan Zon Selatan (JB) dijalankan serentak jam 1800 dikedudukan masing2...hahahahaha. lawak la depa nie. masing2 malas nak turun KL, so buat versi masing2.kahkahkahakha......aku masih tergelak sampai sekarang. terlupa plak nak tangkap gambar restoren tue....hehehhe

nak dijadikan cerita makin menarik, while searching for the restorant, tayar kete aku pancit.alamak....cmne nie?????? nasib bek la dekat ngan bengkel kereta. ape lagi, mintak tlg tukaq tayar spare la...dh tak comey kelisa aku. dok terpikir cmne aku nak balik KL senin nie????? kacau betul......nak tak nak terpaksa ke bengkel jugak ahad nie repair tayar (tampal la). kesnye?????? tayar termasuk skru....waduh, sejak bile dapat penyakit tue ntah...pastu nak ceparkan lagi proses pengeluaran angin tayar tue, aku pulak langgaq lopak air....makin jadik la.....hahahahah

kereta aku yang tersadai kt bengkel.....upah rm5....kehkehkehe

walau apepun terjadi, perjalanan tetap diteruskan.......still we went to the restorant and terus pesan menu2 untuk berbuka....nak tau???? ikan siakap 3 rasa + kailan ikan masin + telur dadar + tom yam campur + daging masak merah + fresh orange.....hidangan untuk 10 org. mmg melantak la....hahahahaha

siapa yang hadir???? mmmmm....dari depan right side damia, azimah, amali, ifa (wife amali, not seen die menyorok), humaimah, mus, adik mus, aku (not in the pic sebab aku yg amik gambar...hehehe), faizi (bakal pengantin....ahaks!!!!) and syukri.

after berbuka...kami sume ke surau (sebelah je kowt) untuk solat maghrib.....selepas itu baru lah majlis bersurai..........hehehhe....tapi tidak kami (aku, damia, imah ngan yon)...kahkahkah.....ape lagi, jitra mall la.
lebih kurang 1/2 past 10 baru la balik.....uish...nak menganta si yon lagi, imah....

Friday, September 11, 2009

7 Kalimat!!!!!!

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W

" Barang siapa hafal tujuh kalimat, ia terpandang mulia di sisi Allah dan Malaikat serta diampuni dosa-dosanya walau sebanyak busa/buih laut "

1. Mengucap Bismillah pada tiap-tiap hendak melakukan sesuatu.

2. Mengucap Alhamdulillah pada tiap-tiap selesai melakukan sesuatu.

3. Mengucap Astagfirullah jika lidah tersilap perkataan yang tidak patut

4. Mengucap Insya Allah jika merencanakan berbuat sesuatu di hari esok.

5. Mengucap La haula wala kuwwata illa billah jika menghadapi sesuatu tak disukai dan tak diingini.

6. Mengucap inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun jika menghadapi dan menerima musibah.

7. Mengucap La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah sepanjang siang malam sehingga tak terpisah dari lidahnya dari tafsir hanafi, mudah- mudahan ingat, walau lambat-lambat mudah- mudahan selalu, walau sambil lalu mudah- mudahan jadi bisa, karena sudah biasa!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today is 100909

today is 100909 a day after 090909. why everyone so excited on that day? Hari Radio on that day for the 1st time in Malaysia. birthday of my fwen, qemmal, sori qemmal no present for u...hehehehe, wish u all the best and success in your life!. a perfect number, i guest. 11 days before Hari Raya AidilFitri....most people will go for these days for Lailatul Qadar. that date will come on another 1 century on 09 September 3009.

today's laboratory is AC Voltage Controller will be held from 1100h-1500h...OMG!!!! straight 4 hours. still, meeting with students has become my fav nowadays. students FYP, student that need my consultation (cute...since i don't have any adik, they all like adik to me), student with variety of perangai (some make me easy, but some make me urghhhhh!!!!). on 1430h school meeting at meeting room discussed all about school la....ehehhehe....very tired u know. ingatkan nak balik la after meeting but then while packing things, ade pulak students dtg jumpe about lab. ok la....i pun just help ape yg patut. still, they 'tahan' me up until 7pm. amboi!!!!! very2 tired.....break fasting with just a moi sup...yummy sedap...first time in this fasting month i can eat a lot.....

a lot of works to do before balik kampung. my FYP students' progress reports, lab report marks 2 bundles, sheme answer for lab micro-c, lab test micro-c.....nampak i must work on sunday la kowt, since saturday need to go to Padang Besar and buy some kacang for raye and also majlis berbuka puasa versi utara since the real is in KL (cannot go!!!).....hehehehe. what kind of kacang????? kacang gajus, kacang tanah and etc...i dunno

next event is berbuka puasa versi utara 12th September 2009....again at Jitra....hehehhe

Monday, September 7, 2009

Majlis Berbuka Puasa bersama KPT

hehehehehe....again, break fasting free. 7 september 2009 unimap telah mengadakan majlis berbuka puasa bersama menteri pengajian tinggi Datuk Seri Khalid Nordin di dewan 2020. makanannya....well, try to guess la. janji kenyang!!!! kehkehkeh
tak sempat amik gmbar byk2 coz b4 isyak dh balikkk...hehehehhe. malas nak tunggu lama2. pas makan cabut r.teraweh kt umah je la...kehkehkeh!!!!!!

akhirnya ade jugak gmbr kak bib. ini lah kak bib (kiri skali)....sori, she's married ok, pengantin baru kak bib: jangan mare!!!!

nak amik gambar ayam sebenaqnye, kak ja pulak interframe....hehehhe. pergh, terliur!!!!!!

kuih mueh nie pulak manisan jerk time berbuka, pastu sembahyang maghrib berjemaah. baru la dpt makan nasi + daging kicap + ayam goreng (as above).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Wishlist!!!!!

haaa.....ari tue ade tulis nak letak my wishlist, today, bosan2 kt umah nie i letak la a few of my wishlist. if ade lagi, i will update the list from time to time.hehehehe

first is my dream car.....tunggu cukup duit kot br own one. those two are my fav for now. the white one is Suzuki SX4 and the black one is Toyota Rush. those two are rarely found on the road, that's why la....hehehehe....but still, 5 years from now, who knows kan?????

next is my dream cruise. mahal tue..but enough if i can get in from penang port to klang port. more than enough actually. cmne la bercuti atas kapal tue yek???? how can a ball room, restorant, swimming pool, taman rekeasi ade atas kapal tue????? i want to with my own eyes and get the panaroma of the sun set out there.

PS2 and netbook is not really my wish...but still they are in my wishlist. 22 tue klu ade duit lebih bonus, tibe2 ade org nak bg ke kan!!!!! hehehehehe.....not really important.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Buka puasa lagi!!!!!!

ari nie....buka puasa di luar lagi. kali nie kat jitra mall bersama kapt mohd fazli dan kapt azerol hisham. hahahaa, first time pulak kuar ngan mat2 smart. depa dok kem so, kuar outing kene r pakai PO. adui!!!!! takpe la jmp depa pun dh kira bagus.

nasik goreng ayam, menu buka pose.hehehehehe

sblm buka tue...biasa la, sebelah food court tue ade bowling ngan cinema....kehkehkeh. ape lagi km tgk FINAL DESTINATION 4 (mcm cite2 b4 this, sume watak mati. we cannot defeat death!!!! moral of the story. cume yg tak pahamnye, yg p bg visual kat slaah sorang watak tue buat ape???? kene tgk dr first nie. rasenye yg first je ade survival, itupun sorang. tapi mmg ngeri la cara depa mati. rest in pieces........pergh!!!!!! mmg tak bley blah...cian tgn imah kene ngan aku.kehkehkeh!!!!!)

ngan men bowling la untuk menghabiskan masa while waiting for break fasting. first time pulak dlm sejarah aku men bowling dengan jatuhan pin 132. 2nd place below azerol....cis, tak aci....and first time jugak aku STRIKE!!!!!yahooooooooooooo
buka puasa plak kt Jitra Mall. malas nak p jauh2. balik plak kang malam........

sekian untuk ari nie....aku dh penat, abs buka puasa terus balik umah. sejam lagi perjalanan (lebih kurang la).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Majlis Bebuka Puasa!!!!!!

Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera.....hi! we meet again.ahaks....jumpe siapa???? siapa2 yang baca blog i nie la...ade ke????mmmmmmm
anyways, perkara tajuk is jemputan berbuka puasa. dimana????? bulan lepas di Markas PALAPES UniMAP, semalam 2 September di medan ikan bakar kuala perlis bersama students en. din dan ari nie di Putra Brasmana Hotel bersama warga school PPKSE (hak nie kene byr la walaupun atas nama jemputan.ahaks!!!). makan ape yek?
byk giler.......lotih nak makan. ahaks!!!!

nasi putih+nasi pudina+ayam masak merah+daging rendang tok+timun+sambal belacan+lala(kot)+pucuk paku

laksa kola perlis=sama jerk aku rase cam laksa yg dok makan slaluuuu

tiada dlm gambar: bubur kacang hijau+air kelapa+air sargat (sirap+biji selasih)+ABC+kuih-muih+bubur lambuk+puding+sup kambing+......ish, byk sgt. tak tertulis. pokoknya mmg sedap.klu la dok lama2 smpi depa tutup, mmg syiok....ummphhhh

tu dia...mmg depa nie dok melantak habis-habisan...uish!!!! rm20 tuuuuu.....baki rm0.10.hahahahaha

nie la geng2 opis i.......dari kiri kak kiela, i, kak aja, diya and kak anis.......depa sungguh gempak. sorang takde dlm picture is kak bib, umah jauh nun....tak snaggup penat!!!! takpe la kak bib, len kali la bile dh dpt umah dekat skit nooooooooo......nak tgk gambar family kak anis???? die bwk irfan ngan baby ireen skali....comeyyyyy. kak anis i letak gmbar family u kat blog i yea....amik berkat...huhu

next week on 7th of september ade majlis berbuka puasa bersama menteri pengajian tinggi pulak di dewan 2020, kangar.....mmmm. makan free lagi.hehehehehehehe......jimat duit!!!!! kahkahakahkah