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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a very busy week....

This week become a very busy week for me. 29hb holiday, 30-31 janda baik (gathering for my batch 015 members). so need to submit all the works before 29......argh!!!!!

1st: tutorial 2
2nd: test 1
3rd: final

The questions of course not finalised yet....ade tapisan2nya. i am only new lecturer in this subject so, to make a question yg sepatutnya ditanya in exam nanti need a lot of meeting with another lecturers from another classes.....meeting, meeting,meeting

Just finished questions for tutorial 2. tonight my target is test 1.....berpinar jugak la mata mengadap komputer nih. but what to do, holiday punye pasal. nak buat after cuti lagi la penat.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wanita - CT

aku wanita punya hati nurani
yang tak dapat dibohongi
pabila cinta telah membutakan mata
dan membuat tuli telinga

apakah salah jika aku menyinta
apakah salah jika engkau ternyata
pilihan hati
belahan jiwaku ini**

cintaku ini anugerah terindah dari yang Maha Kuasa
cintaku padamu tak pernah berubah meskipun kita berbeza


aku wanita aku kaum hawa
yang memang rapuh hatinya
aku wanita aku punya cinta
selayaknya manusia***




wanita yang hanya perlu kau fahami


this week song, wanita from dato' siti nurhaliza. sesungguhnya 25 this year is a woman age kan???? woman.....can't believe i am already a woman, a teacher aka lecturer, have a job, have a car. 25 orang kata is critical age for a woman to find the love of her life. opah dah bising....."kome kawen la ngan kete masing2".....hahahahahaha

nak buat guano opah.....cucu opah nie demanding. ye ke???? jgn demanding sgt kerul oi!!!

planning thruout the year........janda baek, sabah,master

next year: beijing.....hehehehehe

selagi belum kawen nie lets enjoy the trip and adventure we all can archieve....

today menu: ape yg ade dlm peti ais je......daging masak black paper + sup cendawan.

tomorrow menu: daging sos + telur goreng + ikan gulai tempoyak (dlm freeze hahaha)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


alooooo.......lama rasenye tak update this blog since new year!!!!byk perkara terjadi yg cannot be tell here.sorry...anyway today terasa nak menulis/update this blog.about what????mmmmm let me thnk. 1st about the lastest movie i was watching with bff at Jitra Mall, SHERLOCK HOLMES.2nd is about new colour, white.3rd, mt job af course.

i went for a movie last sunday with bff,azimah at jitra mall.sengal giler duduk umah.balik2 tenet,,saturday dh berkurung the whole dlm umah then saturday, kene kua,we went for a movie sherlock holmes at 4:05pm and we arrived at 1:00pm....WTH!!! anyway, since the movie is at 4 we went for lunch of course.....smbil makan,sambil borak.although we see each other almost everyday.pelik tapi benar but ade je yg nak diborakkan.....from movies,cartoon,activities,future plan (mmmmmm......i wonder!!!).ok, back to sherlock holmes.the movie is good,maybe because diselitkan dgn unsur2 humour so that the audience will rilex n enjoy.serious...we heard only our voice laughing in the cinema....OMG!!! the best part in this movie is the relationship between 2 men (brothers that not bonding with blood....holmes and watson,see the pic???).really touching when watson still want to help and get along togather with holmes although he has date/appointment with his fiance and when the time watson get bombed...huhuhuhu.they are great....i wonder there is any sherlock holmes 2 coming because the real culprit didn't show up!!!!i don't understand some of the audience yang boleh sleep while watching this movie....hw come???maybe he/she penat, the only time to rilex is watching movie at cinema....gelap and nobody takkan disturb.they all khusyuk tgk movie....kan kan kan????bosan????i don't thnk this movie's ok but not bored.

anyway...finished the 1st we go to the 2nd topic wich is offend but, red is still my fav it is just the blue color drop to number,red,white and future car is white,my future bag is white.i don't really like white clothes but red and black hp is my fav since i don't remember.everything is in the 4 colors...gile ke ape aku nie????now i'm looking for red+black scarf.....hehehee

my job!!!this semester will be start my new job as a lecturer to diploma student year 1.i'm teaching C programming....gila la.but, for the fundamental i thnk i can teach them.i hv almost 60 students in a class and most of them just stat a new life as a university student.18 yrs lepas SPM.adik2 am i teaching in the class????i dunno....ikut kepala aku je method is practise make prefect so, dengan depa mmg a lot of exercise aku bg and a lot my assign to give.nasib la.....

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year to everybody!!!!! may all ur wishes from last year came true and may all ur wishes for this year may come true......

so how was ur celebration???? mine??? sleeping on my bed waiting for some1 to call/msg/whatsoever.......hahahahahah. not in the mood in celebrating new year as 1st of january is not a holiday at perlis as i have to work as usual on 1st of january 2010....waaaaaaaaaa.

while working still waiting for cheme (senior plv) to approve my SKT (sasaran kerja tahunan). already in 2010 and he is still not approve my part 1 yet!!!! am i going to proceed to part 2 and 3????? cheme...plz approve!!!!! need to be done before 4th january 2010....damn

however, begin with a new day in the new year......might be with a new car!!!! oooppppsss, when do i get one???? life (life with some1 important beside ur family), and new job as a lecturer of diploma student and also a new status....emmmmmm. how do i get one with that????? still need to figure out.

target for this year:

life - better life of course. 5 times praying+puasa ganti+puasa sunat+sembahyang sunat also. eat well, sleep well and money management.
love - hopefully it is longer than i can imagine.
work - need to get my students all pass in their exam. 20% of them must be A.