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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pesta Buku 2010 ~ Dewan 2020

yuuuhuuuu....last week perlis ade pesta buku 2010 berlangsung from not sure when but ending on 22 April 2010. i just went there on 22nd april, the last day!!!!! the only that interest me in this pesta konvo were the new version of Quran (see below) and the lastest novel from Ramlee Awang Murshid, Cinta Sufi.

This new version Quran worth about RM250. 15 in 1 meaning the quran itself, encyclopedia, the tafsir, the doa', the meaning, and etc.....dunno what else.too many 15 owkeyyyyyyy........but very interesting one.....

and this one is the lastest novel from RAM, Cinta Sufi......a sequel novel from the trilogi novels bagaikan puteri, cinta sang ratu and jihab dang!!! greatttttt..... and i actually bought one as i am his fan...huhu (^_^)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

clash of the titans...

a story about 'children' betrayed their 'parent'....understand???? hahahahha let me explain: the story begin when 3 olympians named zues, poseidon and hades battled the titans (whose i dunno what, their father probably) using hades creation which is kraken. then after the defeated of the titans, zues create human and ruled them while poseidan rules the sea. but, hades was sent by zues ti ruled underworld by getting the power from humans' fear instead of zues getting power from humans' love.

millenia after, human started to become greed and forget about praying to zues. this phenomena became worse and made the olympians angry especially zues. hades came to 'rescue' in order to punished human on behalf his brother zues....(moral from this is, don't ever go up against ur parents or u will meet the same or ever worst from ur children)

make the story short, this persues guy is the real rescuer when he had known for zues's son....becoming half human and half god will make he is the best from each. he got his own strength (probably just like hercules kot....heheheh, but i think persues is the older brother) and fight against his uncle (which is hades) in order to get revenge of killing his adopted family (teh one who raised him well) and to save the princess of argos, andromeda (whose i thaught was the heroin).

leter on as always, the hero won and andromeda was save and the kraken was dead. the real heroin was Io......zues then resurrect Io and they both (Io and persues) flew together.......the end


the story much like percy jackson cume the different is percy is the son of poseidon but in clash of the titans, persues is the son of zues....mmmmmm confius2

but anyway, from 10 i'll give 6

so, it's 6/10

Saturday, April 17, 2010

today's world

setahun yang lalu...

kawan : kerul, ape special kat perlis???
me : aaaaaaaaaa........mmmmmmmmmm......
kawan : aaaaaaaaaaaa..........mmmmmmmmmmm.....?????
me : aku pun tak tau.....hahahahaha
kawan : ceit...

setahun kemudian...

kawan : kerul, ape special kt perlis???
me : uih, banyakkkkkk. ang nak ape?
kawan : mane aku tau. ko la bagi tau
me : sepanjang tahun....ikan bakar. memang fresh diimport dari dasar laut.hahahaha.walaupun aku tak tau cmne rase ikan fresh but rasenye ade rase manis kot....ntah, aku ngap je. pastu 'bakar-bakar' memang takde kat tempat len. only in perlis. makanan orang siam...dan klu panadai pilih kedai, tomyam memang ang akan dpt masakan siam.perghhhhh!!!!
kawan : aik pasal makan je???...ko nie takde mende len ke????
me : heeeeeee~haaaa, ade satu lagi, klu dalan bulan april tuh, musim mempelam haram manis....memang syiokkkkkkkkk.tapi mahal ya rabb....1kg-RM10
kawan : tempat???
me : biasa la klu dh mai perlis, mane lagi padang besar la....cume klu hari ahad tuh boleh p wang kelian, dpt jugak merasa tanah negara yang tidak pernah dijajah, siam....

azimah with her pulut ayam bakar.....

me and my own pulut ayam bakar....

a cloudy day in an evening at kuala perlis......beside the sea

ho yeah!!! this is what i mean of bakar-bakar.....there are many of choices but the favourite one is ayam pulut.just look like a sosej but the taste is much better. these gerai beside the sea is opening everyday from 3pm untill 1am at the same!!!!

so, the next time u went to Langkawi from Kuala Perlis jetty, don't forget to singgah and taste one. u'll love it.....just a few meters from the jetty.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

study week.....

this week is study week starting from 12th april 2010 until 16th april 2010. got a lot of work to do these 2 months:

1.lab test
2.test2 marking
3.coursework exam
5.program khidmat masyarakat on 1st may
6.mount kinabalu (a lot of barang need to prepare) ~ big day weeeeeeeeee

last 2 days baru aje selesai lab test for all the school that take the subject. nasib lab test so, evaluate on that time. that's why although start the test jam 08:30pm but only can go back home jam almost 11:00pm.

trying to do some of the marking test2

papers last a few from this sem

now my place become really serabut!!! where is the almari to keep all these paperssssssssssss..... aiyo!!!

after this week, next week will be their final exam. first week maaaaa.....what am i gonna do for the rest of the final examination's week??? knitting??? another problem to solve??? fb???? hehehehehe...whatever it is, there must something that i MUST do....job still keep coming either i like it or not.

my bz month is in may where there are a lot of activities coming n go. what it is? just wait n see laaaaaa....this is april n i am not goin to write what are the program....(^_^)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


well 1st story for this!!!! hahahahaha takde mende len nak cite. anyway, suddenly wanna have cooking dinner yesterday. homemade okiesssssss...sambal sotong+khailan goreng. forgot to snap those dishes la (^_^). just a simple dishes for having dinner for two.

got a lot of dishes in my head rite now. gulai, laksa, mee, sup...bla bla for today???? hehehehe gulai ikan with again khailan goreng.hahahhahaha...khailan is best serve goreng. before the vege become layu baek masak cepat2 klu tak rugi je. =)

mode: mengosongkan peti ais!!! that i can put something new in there. plus trying to make a new layout for my blog...tak reti2 lagi nih. haish!!!!