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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ladies Day Out...

ladies day out!!! me, imah and damia.....we all went to jaya jusco banda perda, penang for jalan-jalan. actually tgk wayang laaaa...huhu
first movie was Robin Hood at 1430h at TGV Cinema.....the movie was in 2 hours and ended on 1630h la plus minus...

The story was act the beginning of the legend itself. how robin longstride (his real name) became robin of the hood aka robin hood. how he and a bunch of his friends ended up in the wood of Sherwood, England. how King of England, King John became his 'anemy'. how he met Lady Marion (^_^)....this is the story about how the legend begin....

after robin hood and a little of window shooping, until 1730h, we went for Shrek 4:Forever After....mmmm not Ever After. so how was the story????spectacular.....wkaakakaka, but still shrek 1 is the best. its ok its alright. it is the story shrek would see the world without him. how was fiona???? his children??? his friends??? the Far-Far Away Kingdom???.....u should see.

anyway, that's the story i would time...dunno just yet. LBS coming right after this....heheheheh.....tungguuuuuuu

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kinabalu Climbing

hi fellows!!!! after almost 2 years of planning, searching for members/climbers finally i'd a chance to climb the highest mountain in asia aka Mount Kinabalu 4095.2 metres.

situation at Penang International Airport. Our flight departure is on 2005 on 5th May 2010.

Situation at Sabah International Airport 5th May 2010 on 1130pm. still waiting for another friend (below,huda) arrived from JB

me and my friend, nurul huda. having breakfast at gloria jean's coffee at tune hotel lobby

entering pass.....

at the top of the mountain although there is another 100m the reach the puncak....hehehehe. we arrive a little bit late from usual. the sun already rise. but totally awesome scenery....yeah!!!!

we came from penang 3 persons and 1 from JB....that were my group. the other group is kema's. total are 12 persons altogether from her colleagues. we all book 3d2n packages starting from 6th May 2010 until 8th May 2010.

6th May 2010
the real holiday fetch us up at our own destination (which is mine is at tune hotel, kota kinabalu) on lunch. arrived at kinabalu park almost 4pm and check in resort. the resort was awesome. 5 star whould i gave. it is actually a bungalow with 2 rooms, a living room, a kitchen, dinner table with fire place for heating and a!!! no need aircond or fan just environment cold as me
6pm starting our dinner at the resort.....the dinner was okey....never mind that asalkan kenyang.
free time at night.....watching television, and snapping picture.hehehehehe
9pm sleep....wakakakaka

7th May 2010
wake up for dawn praying at 5am...sejuk gilerrrrrrrrrrrrr packing for climbing after breakfast at 7am. get ready for climb.......6km above to reached laban rata rest house. we all kepenatan, kesejukan, kelaparan, kemengantukan but happy. puas as to reach the leban rata rest house with successful. 8am start and reach about!!!! hehehehehe

8th May 2010
1am wake up kol for continuing climbing from laban rata rest house to the top of the mountain for another 2.7km. after taking supper at 2am, we all starting to climb in the kesejukan yang melampau almost reach 0 degree okkkkkk......nasib bek tak kene hipertemia.....
still dark so not too scary because tak nmapak ape2 just a road in front of us.....dengan kepenatan yang melampau, we reached the top at almost 7am.
this day is very tired for all of us.....2.7km climb up + 2.7km climb down + 6km climb down again = nearly 12km walking
starting 2am until reached down at the starting point aka 1st check point about 5pm the same day.....hehehehehe ini lah namanye amature. no training, no exercises hentam saje p naek gunung.hahahahah
the packages include return us back to our hotel....and we arrived at our hotel almost 8pm with the sakit kaki la.....huhu

9th May 2010
nothing much to do because sakit kaki punye pasal....just went around filipino market until 2pm and then went straight to airport for check in and departure on 5pm.....make the story short, i arrived home at kangar almost 1am 10th May 2010 and went to work as usual on 730am....wkakakakaa...........I AM SUPERWOMAN!!! (^_^)

anyway......the experience was good noooo better nooooo the best i can achieved for now. the climbers were good and the food was regret after spending a lot of money to went there. no climbing after thisssss hopefully...wakakaka just leisure....hehehe

Monday, May 3, 2010

orange cheese cakeeeee?????

last weekend the time was spend in making cheese cake....hohohohoh....not the bake one but the refrigerated one. excited sangat la when i knew there is refrigerated cheese cake as i don't have oven, microwave whatsoever...

wait, me like cooking???? laaaaaaaa

biasa la bile dh soran2 life and bff pun bz decorating her house also the *** one away, then no other thing can do.....reading, dvds, tv and cooking. not just ordinary cooking but cake, laksa, blah blah blah...

okies, got the recipe from my auntie, maklong (called along) and she got the recipe from nigella's website. british rachael ray.....hahahaha

cannot display the picture but the taste was good (said bff la)....yummy!!!!

here is the recipe:

1/4 large pack of mc'vities
1/4 soft butter >>>>>>>>>>>>>> blitz together and make the combination as the cake's base

300g cream cheese (1 use only 250g)
1 teaspoon of vanilla
half cut a lemon >>>>>>>>>>>>> mix together

60g double cream >>>>>>>>>>>> kaco and mix together later with the cream cheese

then put the mixture on top the mc'vities and hold in the refrigerator for 3 hours or more untill keras la.....

the best topping is probably black berry or cherry black jem of st. dalfor......can put the topping after 3 hours....(when eat) is your orange/black berry/cherry black refrigerated cheese cake

it's simple and easy. try one!!! u'll love it