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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Newborn Checklist

Sy hanya perlukan things for my newborn from 0-6 months only. if anything particular part that are no need to buy yet please let me know :) as our financial during these time is not really sufficient...will think again later after the baby 6 months old...

Bottle Feeding & Essentials
  • Feeding Bottles & Teats - jenama AVENT 2 x advanced set bottle RM51
  • Bottle Brush
  • Bottle Rack - beli online di littlewhiz
  • Bottle Sterilizer (no need) - sterilizer pills
  • Formula (always ask your paediatrician for recommendation) - tak perlu since merancang untuk bf for the first 6 months
  • Pacifiers - try to not to...
  • Teether (no need)
  • Milk Powder Dispenser - terbeli masa di expo mid valley
  • High Chair - budak tak reti duduk lagi after a year maybe

Breast Feeding Essentials
  • Breast Pump - beli di One Baby World di Cheras
  • Breast Milk Storage Containers/Bottles - beli di One Baby World di Cheras
  • Cool Storage Bag - beli di Kangar jenama TollyJoy
  • Bottle Warmer- beli di One Baby World di Cheras
  • Breast Pads- beli di One Baby World di Cheras
  • Cool Packs - beli di Kangar jenama TollyJoy
  • Nipple Cream
  • Nipple Protector/Shields
  • Drying Rack - beli online di littlewhiz
  • Muslin Squares (bedung) - beli online di lailyhomemade

Baby's Nursery
  • Playpen and Crib (Baby Cot) - beli kat rengit RM125
  • Bassinet (no need)
  • Bouncer Seat or Cradle (Buai) - stand RM40, net RM10, spring (maknye punye dulu2)
  • Rocker Chair
  • Nightlight

  • Crib bedding sets - already booking at
  • Crib sheets or Bassinet sheets
  • Receiving Blankets
  • Baby Blankets - beli di kedai baby di Alor Setar
  • Mattresses (Foam/Latex) - beli semasa berkunjung di Rantau Panjang, Terengganu RM55
  • Mattress Pads  - beli semasa berkunjung di Rantau Panjang, Terengganu RM55
  • Baby Pillows & Bolster  - beli semasa berkunjung di Rantau Panjang, Terengganu RM55
  • Baby Cot - alhamdulillah beli di Rengit sewaktu berkunjung ke sana masih teguh dan lawa RM125
  • Baby's bouncer stand - beli di Rengit juga RM40

Bathing & Healthcare
  • Baby Bath Tub - beli di One Baby World di Cheras
  • Baby Sponge
  • Baby Shampoo, soaps & lotions - kakak sponsor
  • Bath Toys (no need)
  • Baby Oil
  • Hooded towels - beli di expo mid valley
  • Ointment
  • Baby Thermometer
  • Vaseline
  • Sterile Cotton Balls
  • Baby Powder
  • Baby Nail Clippers/Scissors
  • Baby Brush/Comb
  • Nasal Aspirator
  • Sunscreen
  • Oral Care Kit

Diapering Checklist
  • Disposable Diapers - beli di expo mid valley
  • Cloth Diapers (no need)
  • Wet bags (no need)
  • Diaper Wipes - beli di expo mid valley
  • Wash Cloths - 1 x 6 pcs (mcm handkerchief)
  • Nappy Rash Cream
  • Diaper Bag  - beli online di littlewhiz

Baby Apparels - mostly kakak ipar sponsor
  • Baby Pyjamas
  • 6 x Baby Binding
  • Jumper or Bodysuits
  • Socks and Booties
  • Baby Shoes
  • T-shirts & pants
  • Mittens
  • Bibs
  • Sweater or Jacket
  • Cap or Hats

Travel Essentials
  • Strollers - plan to buy Sweet Cherry untuk diletakkan di Ampang. di Alor Setar dah ada satu
  • Baby Car Seat (definitely need as i drive my own car) - plan to buy Sweet Cherry
  • Baby Carriers or Slings (no need)
  • Foldable Changing Mat - beli online di littlewhiz

Safety (no need, tunggu budak da start merangkak)
  • Baby Monitor
  • Safety gate
  • Safety locks/latches
  • Corner and edge bumpers
  • Outlet covers

Toys (in time)
  • Soft Toys
  • Rattles
  • Development/Learning Toys
  • Mobiles
  • Playmat

  • Support Bras
  • Nursing Bras
  • Hospital Bag
  • Set Bersalin - Gift set Mustika Ratu RM169
  • Almari For My Little One - plan to buy at Rengit

Notakaki: there so much things to buy!!! within 4 months away....i'm excited to till u drop.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

HBku rendah!

ingatkan saya ni jenis takde problem sgt time pregnant....ngupe2nye

1. HB sgt low till 13 June 2012 is 9.2! the dose docor was given me is 4 pills/day. huhu, nasib baik pill tu pun not such a strong smell mcm complex b. but 4 pills?...kadang2 tu boleh buat termuntah jugak.

2. BP pun low jugak probably because tido lewat. 

because of these 2 la kot then my colleague selalu kata my face nampak pucat and i always get tired easily plus very sleepy....almost all the time.

3. My teeth isn't as good as i thought ditambah pulak dengan pregnancy...2 times worse sampai doktor tak suggest for cuci because i need to do deep scaling which is require a bius or something that is NOT recommanded for pregnant woman! huhu...the solution is a special ubat gigi for me and a quite expensive toothbrush plus ubat kumur2...kus semangat, pakai duit unimap...hehehe, but da abs for this yr. next time rawatan, need to spend my own money or husband...teeeeetttt hehehhe

notakaki: obimin, amway or shaklee...nak murah obimin la :)