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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mom & baby expo 2013

Haha last time borong barang baby borong barang izz for 6 mnth above ;)

Targets are lampin and baju jalan...and finally I got what I want cume 1 je stocking yg ad flush toys kt hujung kaki tu....izz ad sepasang tp agak besar huhu....

Lampin eithet drypers or petpet....actually nk beli petpet but by that time saiz m tgh restok so kne tgu la plk. Sy nk balik drypers la jdik mangsa. Murah pun lg murah dr petpet ok la...

4x weeweedry = rm118 so jatuh 1 pack rm29.50! Sy beli 2x saiz m80 and 2x saiz l68 ok what...haha

3xpetpet =rm99 free 1 pack of 40 1 pack jatuh rm33 and same saiz m80

Baju izz plk beli baju jln je....baju umah da banyak kidnap kak alia die punye (credit to kak norlia) hehe da lm cari baju yg ad hood and jeans tp x jumpe jean jumpe kindda seluar slack. Ok lerrr....x beli romprs sbb x berminat...jumper is ok...

Conclusion is rasenye bekalan baju izz da cukup until he is 1y....cume topup lampin and susu. And I think lampin and susu pun da cukup bekalan tuk 2 bulan hopefully izz ibu punye gaji these 2 months ibu nk beli tudung yea ;)  abah pun boleh la pakai beli personal things ;)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pain pain and pain

Ok, lately pain in my whole body....back chest, pinggang and lutut...whoaaaaaa its hard for me to sit in a long time of period which is I need to because of a long queue of assignments and project! Huhuhuhu.....this happened slowly right after given birth to mr izz. Well probably not strictly berpantang and I stop berurut when izx 1 month old...there's 3 month diff since mr izz is now 4 month old...what to say, padan muka!

Yesterday just called tukang urut cik ros for the urut process....she claim a lot of things including my peranakan agak turun sikit.well, some people is sensitive some are not. In my case I really dunno...hehe so she just 'naikkan' and advice not to do a heavy job such as lifting a heavy object. That is the main reason though.okayyyy cik ros...

As for my other part of pain....that is because of heavy work ( I can call that stress) and also not enough sleep....yeke hmmmmm? People usually menghadap komputer almost all the time, too much berjalan etc tend to get this sort of pain especially when they are not having and sort of urut....I mean going to spa and having a massage also can release this things right...but not doing that when u r really sick like myself huhu...

Once a month is ok right? for now I need intensive care by having berurut once a week! The pain of having berurut yesterday not recover yet.....waaaaaa :(

So, any of the readers having or had tjis sort of prob? Care to share? Tq :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Okeyyyyy.....I just started my master class in 2 weeks and already got tonnes of homework! Not including my master project! Huhu

1. Simulations
2. Chapter 1-3 of theses
3. Antibody immobilization
4. Lab report on chemical analyzer
5. Hv

Conculation @_@

Izz new toy

Lamaze izz new toy :)

Every inch got its own structure so the baby would hold to a different surface n structure. The head got music! Just cost me rm20+rm6 for postage.i am not sure the price at the bb shop though...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New item for izz

Seb bek la anak laki....klu anak pompuan ibu die ni da giler membeli agaknyeeeee...
Sweater and shoes for izz. Actually shoes tu x perlu pun xp tp sbbkn satu peristiwa ni...

Pergi honda showroom for their newly launch crv. Meeting with this couple with their bb boy. Sebaya izz kot but he has already wearing shoes! Cian anak ibu xde kasut....hehehe so we all singgah carrefour jap b4 balik rumah beli these item sweater n shoes for izz :)

Disbbkn ibu die agak kedekut my dear son this shoes n sweater are meant until u r a year older okeyyyyy darling....hehe

Friday, March 8, 2013

Papa bag for abah izz :)

Ok this is what I got at onebabyworld....a diaper bag for papa that they used to call papa bag. Why buy? Easy to go for holiday yeayyyy....last time went to melaka we use my laptop bag as diaper bag.all of our things also got stuck in it is not convinient plus with izz's things.
This bag from onebabyworld is nuch cheaper than others. Only rm56 than rm89.90....probably that one is much bigger than this one. Buy it is still convinient :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Minum herbalife starting today usong izz's food blender....hahaha izz, ibu pinjm ur blender yea :d

Oooppsss jgn slh sangka...izz x start lg solid food.only his blender sy da beli siap. Another 2 months to go b4 his first solid food yeahhhh....ibu x saba nk cari resipi baby food ni hehe

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Izz 4 bulan

Hari nie izz da pandai pegang kaki sendiri wink wink...
Last time pandai meniarap sendiri tp msih lg x pandai nk pusing balik.after a few minutes then he will jerit asking for turn him back....ayoyoyoyo
Now still x pndi lg pusing after meniarap but he will angkat punggung die...hmm why? Nk merangkak da ke.oh my son please follow the step okeyyy
Bila meniarap, angkat2 punggung patutnye makin kedepan ni tak die mskin kebelakang pulak....Adoiiii izz

Okey, psl master class pulak my biosensor class only have 3 students jeeeeee....wooowweeeee
And our first class was actually at dr majadi's office.wakaka....lawak pun ad.and yes dr mahadi is my supervisor for my master project.

Ok, sekian dulu ari ni.assalammualaikum peace